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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Prayer for the church

I understand there are some issues impacting the pastor search committee at the church as they seek a new pastor.  From what I have heard, there is a disagreement about the theology of the future pastor.

To anyone reading this post, I ask that you pray for their committee.  Ask God to remind them to study the Scripture and to remember that their future pastor should be a man who believes what the Scripture teaches, NOT what THEY want the Scripture to teach.

God is sovereign, whether we like it our not.  Man is depraved.  Christ has died to save His people.  Those the Father has given to Christ will come to Him for the Spirit of God, in time, will draw them to Him.  And, once regenerated by the Spirit of God (not by their profession), they will persevere for eternity.

May Christ be praised!

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