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Monday, July 11, 2011

"Witness!": A Sermon Outline for Sunday, July 10, 2011

John 8:13-20

Proposition: The witness of Jesus Christ is plain; the question is do we believe it?

Transition: I call upon each of us to consider what you believe concerning the witness of Jesus by making 4 observations from our text.

I. Observe the Accusation Stated by the Jews. (13)
     A. Note Their Charge
     B. Note Their Reason

II. Observe the Answer Supplied by Jesus. (14-18)
     A. His Witness is True Because of Who He is. (14)
     B. His Witness is True Because the Father Agrees. (15-16)
     C. His Witness is True Because the Law Concurs. (17-18)

III. Observe the Argument Submitted by the Jews. (19a)

IV. Observe the Appeal Shared by Jesus. (19b)
     A. Negatively, You Know Neither of Us.
     B. Positively, If You Knew Me, You Would Know My Father.

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